General Questions before booking The Connexion Band
  • 1. Is the band available for my event date?
    • Since most of our shows are private and we have many temporary holds on dates, we can not publish a calendar of open dates or scheduled engagements. The best way to find out if your date is open, would be to call (708) 256-1234 or Email our office to see if we are available on your event date.
  • 2. Is it possible to view the band?
    • Out of respect for other clients’ private parties, we do not invite prospective clients to view live performances. Instead, we offer private presentations every other Tuesday night from 9:30 PM to 10 PM at our rehearsal studio in Orland Park, IL. We perform a variety of musical styles. This is a great way to see and hear The Connexion Band up close and in person.
  • 3. How far will you travel?
    • The Connexion Band has traveled throughout the United States, but, normally within 200 miles of the Chicagoland area. Traveling fees will apply for locations over 50 miles from downtown Chicago. See Traveling Fees on our price page.
  • 4. Do you offer live music for the wedding ceremony, cocktail hour and/or dinner hours?
    • Yes. You may choose to hire one or more of our musicians to perform for your ceremony, cocktail hour and/or dinner hours. We offer a Pianist; Trumpet; Sax, Flute, Bass, Guitar, Drums, Male and Female Vocalists. We only offer these services as a part of a complete band package.
  • 5. Do you include a DJ service for cocktail hour, dinner hours and band intermissions?
    • Yes. At all shows we include a free DJ service. Soft pre-recorded music is played on CD's during cocktail and dinner hours and upbeat dance music on band breaks. Customers and guests may request songs to be played. This insures continuous music throughout the evening.
  • 6. When should I book the band?
    • Most of our clients book the band at least 10 months to a year prior to their events. Please call at (708) 256-1234 or Email us as far in advance as possible to assure you date.
  • 7. How long will you hold a date while deciding?
    • We can only hold a date for two weeks as other clients may view the band for the same date at the next private presentation.
  • 8. How do I book The Connexion Band for my event?
    • Call us at (708) 256-1234 or Email us. We will need to know your event date, name, company name, address, and city, state, zip, home/cell/work phone, email address, banquet facility, and performing time, how you heard about the band and a description of your event. We will send you a contract with this information on it. When you send back the signed contract with a deposit of $600, the date will be secured for your event. We will contact you after we receive the contract and deposit back.
  • 9. How do I request promo?
    • Call us at (708) 256-1234 or Email us. We will need to know your event date, name, company name, address, and city, state, zip, home/cell/work phone, email address, banquet facility, and performing time, how you heard about the band and a description of your event. We would be happy to send you an information kit that includes our demonstration CD, song list, client references and price list.
Questions regarding the music selection
  • 1. The ages of our guests will vary considerably; can your band play all types of music?
    • The versatility and quality of musicianship in our band is such that our musicians can authentically perform a wide variety of music that includes Big Band, Swing, Standards, Oldies, Motown, R & B, Disco, Classic Rock, Country, 70's, 80's, 90's and today's current hits (see our Song List). One of the most consistent comments we get from our clients and guests is that we are able to perform all of these different styles exactly like the original artists.
  • 2. Will the band learn a special song for me?
    • If you don’t see your special song on our song list, let us know and The Connexion Band will learn it for you. We ask you to provide us with eight weeks notice, an MP3 or CD of your song and the sheet music.
  • 3. How many songs do you perform at a typical 3 hour show?
    • The band plays 15 songs per one hour set. In our minimum 3 hour show, we perform approximately 45 songs.
  • 4. Do you play ethnic music?
    • We play a few ethnic songs, including Irish, Italian, Polish and Jewish. If you would like more, our DJ can accommodate this by playing ethnic CDs during our breaks.
Questions regarding the musicians and singers
  • 1. How many members are there in the Connexion Band?
    • The Connexion Band is a nine-piece group which includes electric guitar, bass guitar, drums, keyboards\sax, keyboards\trumpet, two male and two lead female vocalists. Most of the members of the group sing lead and harmonies. This provides a good variation between male and female songs.
  • 2. Is it always the same musicians and singers?
    • The Connexion Band is a “set group”, which means that the same musicians appear at all of The Connexion Band performances. This insures that the band sounds “tight” and well-rehearsed, unlike most orchestras which are assembled from a stable of available musicians.
  • 3. What happens if a member is sick?
    • It is not often when a band member is sick as they are all very dedicated musicians. If a band member is too ill to perform, a musician of equal caliber will substitute, ensuring the overall high-quality sound for which we are known.
  • 4. What do the band members wear?
    • The men always wear sharp black tuxedos, and the women, elegant evening wear.
Questions on the day of the event
  • 1. When do you arrive to set up your equipment?
    • In keeping with our commitment to your guests' enjoyment, our singers and musicians set up their equipment and perform sound checks before your guests even arrive, insuring a smooth and pleasant transition from dinner to dancing. For an example, if your event starts at 6 pm, the bands' arrival time for setup would be 4:30 pm.
  • 2. How much room and power does the band require?
    • When planning your floor plan, the band requests a stage area of 12 x 18, if possible. This is only if you have a choice, if not, don't worry, we will make things fit. To create the best interaction between the band and dancing guests, the dance floor should be directly in front of the band. If the bar and/or sweet table is in another room, it directs guests away from the dance floor as well as making it difficult to communicate the bouquet & garter toss, special dances, and other announcements. If possible, try to keep everyone in the same room. We require at least two dedicated 20 amp circuits.
  • 3. Do I need to offer meals to the band members?
    • The band members do not expect dinner, but, if you invite us to dine, the members will appreciate your generosity.
  • 4. Do you mind if a guest sits in to perform with the band?
    • If you would like to have someone sing a song or perform with the band, we are happy to do this as long as advance notice is given. However, due to the high level of preparation that is done for each event, we are unable to accommodate last minute requests. That is, we cannot have somebody coming up on the day of the event and sitting in.
  • 5. Will the band perform at a volume that is comfortable for me and for my guests?
    • It is important to us that the guests at your party be comfortable with the volume of the music. When we are hired as a dance band, it's our job to keep the dance floor crowded. Music should complement your party, not compete with it. We pay careful attention to providing an atmosphere conducive to conversation and dancing. If, during the event, you ever think we are either too loud or too soft, please let us know and we will be happy to adjust our volume.
  • 6. Will you make announcements and introduce the wedding party?
    • We offer a "Master of Ceremonies" services at no extra charge. For wedding receptions, three months prior to the event, we will send out a master of ceremonies work sheet to fill out. For bridal parties, we work with you to ensure proper name pronunciation.
  • 7. Can I use your microphone for announcements and toasts?
    • Yes. Our microphones are always available to use for you and your guests.
  • 8. Can the band perform during cocktail and dinner hours?
    • Yes. You may choose to hire one or more of our musicians to perform for your cocktail and/or dinner hours. Our pianist can provide a variety of music ranging from classical to new age music. Our expert musicians have years of experience playing very pleasing jazz standards.
  • 9. How long are the performing sets?
    • Each set is one full hour. The band performs a minimum of 3 sets. Each set is followed by a short 10 minute break.
  • 10. How many breaks do you take and how long are they?
    • The band takes two 10 minute breaks during a standard three hour and twenty minute performance.
  • 11. Do you include a DJ service for breaks?
    • Yes. You can select songs to be played in advance or let our pro DJ keep things moving.
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